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“Every day is precious and not a single minute should be wasted on self-doubt, regret or self-recrimination. Measure every day by how much fun you have.”

“Of all the decisions I have made, forks taken left or right, some with terrible consequences, I would change nothing for fear of changing everything.”

Len Cobb

My Story

Len Cobb is a structural engineer and the managing partner at GB Project Management LLC, a construction project management company servicing the hospitality industry with headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His first novel, THE CAT FIVE MURDER, is the result of a hobby turned into a passion.

Len came to Puerto Rico for a one-week assignment and never left. In his taillights were thirty years of structural engineering in Alabama. His headlights illuminated a new life and career. His wife and dogs joined him in 2009, completing a four-year migration. His dream house in his native Alabama became the family’s vacation property, and Puerto Rico became home.

Len started writing to stay awake. One of his daughters had a terrible equestrian accident and was in the hospital. He was on vigil in the hospital, his daughter’s survival uncertain, and dared not drift off. She's fine now and, after fooling with it for twenty years, that scratching on a green engineering pad became a thriller book.

What started as a hobby became a life dream, and after many hours of self-doubt, online education, and soul-searching, this author's first novel, THE CAT FIVE MURDER, is ready to publish.

Embracing the Caribbean life, Len enjoys what he considers to be surfing (catching waves on a stand-up paddleboard), and hanging with the grandchildren.

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