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I am a structural engineer writing a thriller. What do those two things have in common, you say? Well, a lot, really. My main character is also an engineer, our lives ended up being totally different from what we envisioned, and we share a sideways sense of humor. I think that's enough, don't you?

THE CAT FIVE MURDER, coming soon.


About the author

Len Cobb is a structural engineer and the managing partner at GB Project Management LLC, a construction project management company servicing the hospitality industry with headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His first novel, THE CAT FIVE MURDER, is the result of a hobby turned into a passion.

Published Work

Design Book

MELTED SAND - a short story

Published by the Remington Review quarterly journal

Issue: Summer 2022

Page: 47

Read it HERE

Coming Soon

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Jack is the only one who knows the evil connection between the dead guy, the murderers, and the mom, and that puts a laser dot on his forehead. The woman he dares not love will be dead if Jack cannot survive long enough to neutralize the mother and defeat the murderers.

Or he could just run away. Again.

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