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Welcome to my Roof

I’ve been doing this report from the front lines thing on my personal Facebook page since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, my adopted home, back in 2017. I am delighted to report that Rooftop Musings has a new home. Be advised, there are no rules. Anything can happen on the roof.

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So I’m up on the roof. It gets me every year. A lifetime of conditioning tells me October weather starts cooling down. Here in Puerto Rico, the weather says, “Nope.” I used to think it just seemed hot

Back from Break

So I’m up on the roof. It’s been a windy day and the tail end breeze is nice. The sunset promises to be spectacular. The intermittent beach at the end of our street is hanging in, making it easy to ge

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Clara Bush
Clara Bush
Aug 31, 2022

Wow! What a view! And I thought mine was great.

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